Visualize and optimize the energy consumption of your NodeJS applications with ease

Why Oaklean?

The ongoing global climate change highlights the necessity for radical reductions in CO2 emissions. At the same time, the share of the information and communication sector in global energy consumption is steadily increasing. Digitalization can help avoid resource consumption and environmental pollution, but it can also become a burden through more intensive use. Currently, the energy demand of IT systems is drastically increasing, significantly accelerated by computationally intensive AI technology.

A major lever for reducing energy consumption is energy-efficient software programming. This topic has so far been primarily addressed through rules, recommendations, and programming conventions, often left to the developers' self-regulation. It is difficult to determine the effect of various measures, as transparency and measurability of resulting or changing energy consumption are lacking.

Oaklean provides a tool that creates this transparency. Oaklean helps developers measure, visualize, and optimize the energy consumption of NodeJS applications during the development process. Through a comprehensive VSCode extension and integration into CI pipelines, the system identifies energy-intensive code sections and suggests environmentally friendly alternatives. The goal is to raise awareness of responsible resource use in software development, achieving both ecological and economic benefits.

The collected measurements are visually prepared in the VSCode extension, highlighting energy-intensive method calls and dependencies. This helps developers quickly identify and specifically optimize problematic areas.

All data can optionally be stored in a central database to enable detailed evaluations and comparisons.This information can be used for future projects to consider energy consumption when selecting dependencies.